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My addons that work with Carbonite

I am running the following addons, and have had no issues with Carbonite compatibility.

Auctioneer Suite
BigWigs Boss Mods
Blood Shield Tracker
Carbonite Maps, Notes, Quest, Warehouse
ElvUi (not from curse, it is found at tukui.org, i believe)
PetBattle Teams
Titan Panel
Titan Panel (Currency)
Wow Token Watch

I have had no problems, as of the date of this post, with conflicts between any of the addons. Hope this is useful. All the names are verbatim as shown on curse, so you can use the search feature to find out what each addon does. ElvUI is a complete UI replacement. If you do run it, you can use the options with it, to disable the skinning of the blizzard quest objectives, since carbonite quests makes a quest log and watchlist itself.

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