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1440p UI Scale + Addon Positioning - Help

Hi guys,

Hope you're all good. My name's Shiny <3. I used to maintain the Fundamental UI series, rather haphazardly way back in the day (from TBC to WoD). I'm working on a new interface, but have ran into a bug and can't yet see an easy work around for it.

The Problem
In short, I'm developing a pixel perfect, super wide UI, at a res of 3440x1440. I've scripted a very basic addon that sets the UI scale down to 0.5333333333 (Called "!UIScale" to ensure it loads first), however I'm having a few problems with certain addons staying in place after reloading/entering instances. As they seem to enjoy repositioning themselves randomly after each reload.

Chatter/Prat and Shadowed Unit Frames in particular are the problem children.



As far as I can tell it's something to do with how they anchor to the screen, and not the UIParent. As the Editbox stays fixed in both Chatter and Prat.

Any ideas as to what I can do to solve this crisis? I'm not anything near as adept as you guys at LUA coding, and Shadowed Unit Frames in particular, is absolutely fantastic as far as customisation is concerned, so I'm reluctant to get rid.

Any help would be hugeeeeely appreciated. I intend to bring out a standard 16:9 1440p variant, alongside this, and eventually a 4K one too soon enough.

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