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Exclamation FIX for Spartan UI minimap issue

For those of you having issues with SpartanUI not working with the new version of Carbonite there's a simple fix you can do. Locate the following piece of script at the top of the Module-Minimap.lua file located in the ..addons\SpartanUI\scripts folder

local checkThirdParty, frame = function()
local point, relativeTo, relativePoint, x, y = MinimapCluster:GetPoint();
if (NXTITLELOW) then -- Carbonite is loaded, is it using the minimap?
addon:Print(NXTITLELOW..' is loaded ...Checking settings ...');
if (NxData.NXGOpts.MapMMOwn == true)
then addon:Print(NXTITLELOW..' is handling the Minimap') return true;
addon:Print('All Clear, SpartanUI is handling Minimap')
if select(4, GetAddOnInfo("SexyMap")) then
addon:Print('SexyMap is loaded, and is handling the Minimap')
return true
if (relativeTo ~= UIParent) then return true; end -- a third party minimap manager is involved
-- return true
ONce you find that change line 11 from:
if (NxData.NXGOpts.MapMMOwn == true)

if (Nx.db.profile.MiniMap.Own == true)

then save it and everything should work fine.

Simply put other addons have gotten used to the old style Carbonite's saved variables and Rythal has changed that to a better system so now they're no longer recognized. If you have access please post this fix over in SpartanUI's forums so their author can apply the fix as well. I don't have an account there and frankly I'm too behind in gearing my main to be distracted any further.

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