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My carbonite has expired

I just signed up will full version...by paying( I might add) and now my version is saying it has expired. No more quest helper!! What has happened, this message was coming a couple of days ago. Knowing that I just signed on it couldn't expire. As a matter of fact it shouldn't expire until 2010. Can you help me to get the helper back.
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You may want to post this over in the Carbonite Forums rather than the nUI ones. But, as a Carbonite user myself, I can tell you it works fine with the latest patch. Per Blizzard's policy change, it is also now a Donation based addon.

You can find all the rest of the information In this Forum.....http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/f...play.php?f=116
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The newest version gets rid of the expiration. It is now a free addon. You should feel good donating to help keep the addon going even if you paid as a requirement before.

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