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PowerType question

I checked. This was the powertype list as of patch 5.0.5
    0 - Mana (SPELL_POWER_MANA)
    1 - Rage (SPELL_POWER_RAGE)
    2 - Focus (SPELL_POWER_FOCUS)
    3 - Energy (SPELL_POWER_ENERGY)
    4 - Happiness (SPELL_POWER_HAPPINESS)
    5 - Runes (SPELL_POWER_RUNES)
    6 - Runic Power (SPELL_POWER_RUNIC_POWER)
    7 - Soul Shards (SPELL_POWER_SOUL_SHARDS)
    8 - Eclipse (SPELL_POWER_ECLIPSE)
    9 - Holy Power (SPELL_POWER_HOLY_POWER)
    10 - Alternate Power (SPELL_POWER_ALTERNATE_POWER)
    11 - Dark Force (SPELL_POWER_DARK_FORCE)
    12 - Light Force (SPELL_POWER_LIGHT_FORCE)
    13 - Shadow Orbs (SPELL_POWER_SHADOW_ORBS)
    14 - Burning Embers (SPELL_POWER_BURNING_EMBERS)
    15 - Demonic Fury (SPELL_POWER_DEMONIC_FURY)
12 got replaced by SPELL_POWER_CHI in patch 5.1

But what the heck is DARK_FORCE? When does this get used?
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I think it was used by an earlier implementation of the Monk class, when the class's two resources were light and dark power.
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Blizzard probably realized they may get into trouble with the names "Light Force" and "Dark Force"; change the name of one, stop using the other, and any potential legal problems vanish.
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I doubt there was any legal consideration. They just scrapped the dual power design in favor of the Chi design, and are just now updating the internal API to reflect the actual game design. It happens all time; old code gets left in while you're testing a new design, and it usually sticks around for a while even after you've settled on the new design until you remember (and have time) to go back and clean up the code.
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