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Troggs definitely rate high on that list. No take candle huh? Take THAT!

I've always hated harpies. All of em. Harpy mobs, harpy quests. Bleh.

And the Fel reavers, for making my alts go into Panic Mode whenever the ground shakes.

Retired prior to 3.2, before all challenge was removed.

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While maybe they don't classify as a true mob, Star's Rest NPCs are the death of all horde. Star's Rest is in such a horrible place (smack dab in the middle of Agmar's Hammer and a common area), tiny/unnoticable, and if you catch more than 1, they'll frost arrow you to death (even on a druid I couldn't manage to run away!)
It's my turn next.

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Proceritate Corporis
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Mr Bigglesorth
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Originally Posted by Gemini_II View Post
Troggs definitely rate high on that list. No take candle huh? Take THAT!

That's Kobolts who say the candle bit.

Troggs are more the type for big flamey torches

and for walking around with the supreme weapon....

... a plank with a nail through it.

(I'm sure it must have some against 1 drop rate).
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My KOSNPC would definitely have to be Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof in Orgrimmar. There's a text-wall story that explains why.

When I was yet a lowbie and still fairly young to the game, I was grouped with a big Orc Warrior who was dragging me through Ragefire Chasm to get me gear. Along the way, he walked by the Emissary, roflpwned him in the face, and walked away. I didn't notice at the time that my reputation with the Cenarion Circle had dropped under Neutral. He did this a couple more times in between runs while I was happily bouncing between the bank and AH.

A couple days later, I walked by and didn't understand why the Emissary's name was orange. I went to right-click him so I could talk to him, and I didn't pay attention to the fact that my cursor had become a sword. My low-level clothiness was insta-smashed by the Emissary. I was offended.

When I was between levels 40-50, I went to turn in a few quests from Maradon to some Cenarion Circle reps near the instance. I couldn't turn in the quest, and when I checked what faction they were, I decided I was done doing anything for the Cenarion Circle in an effort to please them. They became my new best enemy.

When I dinged 70, I celebrated by solo-raiding Moonglade. Out of respect for my faction's Druids, I left only the Horde flightmaster and the Druid trainer standing. I dropped my rep with them to KOS, and I've been happy ever since. Whenever I get bored, I take bloody vacations to Moonglade.

I have since found out that I can slowly and painfully raise my rep with them by turning in Un'Goro soil samples to Thunderbluff, but I don't think I care at this point. I'm a Blood Elf Mage. I think it fits the cannon of storyline that I would not get along with the Cenarion Circle, and it's fun to be able to pass on the rep loss when I drag lowbies through RFC.

Note: Do not take free RFC runs from Arcanicus on Norgannon.

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