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Last public newsletter...

Let me start this final newsletter with a quick word... there was quite a response to my last newsletter and I am deeply touched. While there were a good many people who found themselves added to the asshat club when they e-mailed me, there was also a great outpouring of kindness, sympathy and support and for that I am truly grateful. While those who have been consigned to the asshat club can all take a long walk on a short pier, over the course of the next week I will be sending out e-mail invitations to the inner circle for all of those who were kind enough to write me a kind letter, or even just a thoughtful letter of disagreement but civil and respectful and, most especially to those who took it upon themselves to make a contribution either to nUI or to my project. This is not about me getting rich writing an addon to World of Warcraft, this is about me providing something of value to people who appreciate it and are willing to meaninfully support my hard work and the nUI community in one way or another.

That said, for the various reasons which have been discussed in past newsletters, I still will no longer provide public downloads or support for nUI. If you would like to know more about the whys and didn't receive the prior newsletter on the subject, you can go back in the news archives and read the [ An open letter to nUI "users" and supporters ] sent out in November, 2013.

In the meantime, there are now four ways, from this point forward, you can go about getting access to nUI downloads and support...
  1. You can get a direct referral from another nUI user who has demonstrated their commitment to the nUI community. When another respected nUI community member sponsors you, you may access nUI downloads and support for free. Again, this isn't about my need to get paid for nUI, it's about building and maintaining a respectful community of people who appreciate that nUI takes work and supports that effort in one way or another be it moral support, technical support, ideas, friendship, comradarie or donations.
  2. You can create a member account at, then CLICK HERE to subscribe to the nUI+ Premium Download service at for as little as $3 and gain immediate access to our private download area where you will always find the latest versions of nUI+ as well as all of the other World of Warcraft addons I maintain.
  3. Likewise, you can also CLICK HERE after you have created an member account to subscribe to the nUI eMail Update Service for as little as $5 and have the latest versions of nUI+ as well as all of the other WoW addons I maintain automatically e-mailed to you.
  4. As an alternative, you can also go to and make a donation in support of a cause that's very near and dear to my heart or do something to help me promote this project and our social media presence at and Send me an e-mail at [email protected] to let me know what you've done and/or how you're trying to help make a difference and I'll gladly sponsor your access to myself. I'm always more than willing to give the shirt off my back to those who demonstrate their willingness to help me when and where I need it. That's how a civil world works. ~smile~
Note that nUI updates are no longer available for download from other web sites and I no longer do free technical support to people outside of this nUI community. Nor will I be making update announcements via this newsletter... I will be using a new mailing list consisting only of the inner circle members for that purpose from this point forward.

I'm sorry it came to that, but after years of taking crap from people who used my work for free and had the nerve to insult and disrespect me, I'm no longer interested in making nUI available to them. If they can't be civil and respectful, they can pound sand. To those who are, then nUI is still available to you through the website's inner circle. But in this world, if you give nothing, you get nothing... that doesn't necessarily mean cash, but it does mean making some kind of effort to show your appreciation, be respectful, help the community and make a positive difference. To those who did, I am forever greateful. You did, truly, touch my heart.

It's that simple.


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