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TidyPlates Opacity Issue (help)

I would love to know how to resolve this because it makes it very hard to utilize tidy plates.

I am using Grey Tank theme (have tested with all other themes) and I like to have my Target opacity at 100% and my non-target opacity lower (say 50%), but it is not working.

When out of combat if I target something everything in the mob is set for 100% opacity (not the huge issue just fyi). The big issue is when I am in combat everything I am tanking takes on the opacity level of non-target. So I can't tell what I'm actually targeting without looking at the red marker on their feet.

Due to this I have to turn off Tidy Plates because it makes it very hard to rotate targets (for interrupts or threat control) because I can barely tell what I'm targeting.

Here are some images for reference. If anyone has any tips please let me know. I love tidy plates but can't use it in it's current state.
(On imgur you can hit next to see each one. I also added text to the images for easier reference)

Right Before Pull
Right as I pull
While tanking (the big issue)

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