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Trinity FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about TrinityBars (Trinity Buttons)

Q: Can you remove that black ring on the inside of the round buttons?

A: I could, but then the squareness of the ability icons are then revealed. Here is an image. The left button is with the black ring removed. The right button is with an icon on top of the round graphic with a white outline for emphasis.

More fun faq's to come!
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I somehow deleted my primary bars (1,2, etc...). I found I couldn't get any of the other bars to give me my "stealth" functionality by autoswitching buttons like bar one did.

I've tried to reset the bars entirely and now I'm getting wow errors concerning Trinity. I'm only have these problems with one Toon...it's working fine on the rest of them.

"Interface/addons/TrinityBars/TrinityBars.lua:6647: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)"

is the error I'm getting. I've tried to get them to reset every which way you can imagine with no luck!

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Different stances

How do I setup my bar#1 into different spells for different stances?

Warriors have three different stances.
01-25-07, 03:42 PM   #4
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Is there any way you can make TrinityBars work in combination with TheoryCraft2? I really like TrinityBars; but I also really like TC and when I switch to TrinityBars; I get the default tooltips on my spells and abilities; rather than the modified ones that TheoryCraft creates....
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I have my main bar set up for my druid to change when I change forms, obviously. However, it also gives me separate bars when I am in Travel form and Aquatic form. Is there a way to turn these off so I only have the extra bars in Cat and Bear form?

I either have to use up all of my available buttons making bars for these two travel forms or live with a big blank spot in my UI. There are no actions I can use in aquatic or travel form, no reason for them to have their own bars. Previous versions did not force me to make these extraneous bars, and just left those forms with my Caster form bar.
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Is there any plans to develop a Fubar plugin for Trinitybars ?
05-05-07, 06:21 AM   #7
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Main Menu box

Has anyone had problems installing the newest (2-30-07ish newest to download anyhow) of Trinity Bars? I'm having a problem where my "original" main menu icons are still in the same area as the original UI but Trinity has the menu seperate with only the latency and keyring icons on the Trinity Bar. I've tried adding and deleting icons, when I did, the "original UI" icons followed as I deleted and added them, but they stayed on the same "original UI" bar..

Any ideas or any other mods that resemble Trinity's ability to rotate and add buttons to other bars?

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