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Issue with standard Blizzard keybindings

I have been trying out NUI+, I'm running 5.06.29, and I've noticed that recently the Blizzard Action Buttons 1-6 will not take a keybind and instead puts the binding in the NUI:Main Bar/Action Page 1-6 although I am able to bind Blizzard Action Buttons 7-12 properly. Normally, this wouldn't be of much concern, I could just bind all my keys in the NUI:Main Bar/Action Page. However, in my case, I use Dominos (for the prowl bar among other things) and I am unable to put any keybinds in for the first 6 action buttons. This has to be a recent issue because I use Dominos on all my toons and my Shaman's bar has the correct binds but, if I try to change them, I run into the same issue. When I disable NUI my keybinds return to normal.

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Did the problem only occur when you loaded nUI on top of the existing dominos addon ?

Try running without dominos for a few and see if it works as well that way. If it does then it is a keybinding conflict between the two addons which hopefully will go away in nUI6 but I think may be too involved to resolve in nUI5. Only Scott will be able to tell you for sure.
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nUI is not compatible with other action bars the replicate the functionality of the nUI bars. You can use other bar mods to add *extra* bars, but not to replace the nUI bars. The prowl bar, however, is *NOT* an extra bar... it's an extension of the main bar. You have two bar mods, plus the default Blizz UI, all trying to keybind the same key.

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