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08-06-12, 08:30 AM   #1
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[Bug] RDX9: Shaman Totem Bars

RDX\Designs\Buttons\MultiCastBar.lua, Line 161++
	ExposeFeature = function(desc, state, errs)
		if not RDXUI.DescriptorCheck(desc, state, errs) then return nil; end
		--if desc.owner == "Base" then desc.owner = "decor"; end
		desc.owner = "Base";
		if not desc.flo then desc.flo = 5; end
		if not desc.cd then desc.cd = VFL.copy(VFLUI.defaultCooldown); end
		desc.nIcons = 5;
		local flg = true;
		flg = flg and RDXUI.UFFrameCheck_Proto("Frame_", desc, state, errs);
		flg = flg and RDXUI.UFAnchorCheck(desc.anchor, state, errs);
		--flg = flg and RDXUI.UFOwnerCheck(desc.owner, state, errs);
		if flg then state:AddSlot("Frame_" .. desc.name); end
		return flg;
is missing
		if not desc.driver then desc.driver = 1; end
causing shaman totem bar windows to not build and the editor to bug out when selecting the totembar feature.

also in RDX\Designs\ActionButton.lua, Line 790
	elseif desc.driver then
should propably be
	elseif desc.driver == 2 then
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08-06-12, 11:12 AM   #2
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Fixed in github

Thanks Brainn
RDX manager
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