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Please help fix DerpyStuffing!

Stuffing is a wonderfull One Bag addon created by Hungtar.
DerpyStuffing is an excellent edit of that old addon by AlleyKat but it hase not been updaed since Cata.

Now that Blizz added that new blue textures to all Bagslots I finaly can't use it any more.
There are also some other small bugs.

I'm not much into lua. If you think you can help me fix the addon (copy past code for me) or if you want me to add you to the project please contact me here or via privat massage. Thank you very much!

I uploaed the version of DerpyStuffing I extraced from DerpyUI so that everyone can easy download it and look at the code. Also I listed all known bugs at the Addon page.

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Nice Addon!
I found a bug, every time the ui loads the items makt as a new one.

sry for my bad english
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Regarding the blue border texture:

In stuff.lua below line 323 to 325
Lua Code:
  1. if not ret.frame then
  2.     ret.frame = CreateFrame("Button", "StuffingBag" .. bag .. "_" .. slot, self.bags[bag], tpl)
  3. end

insert this:
Lua Code:
  1. --Fix 5.4 NewItemTexture
  2. local ni = _G["StuffingBag" .. bag .. "_" .. slot.."NewItemTexture"]
  3. if ni then
  4.     ni:SetAlpha(0)
  5.     ni:Hide()
  6. end

Regarding the "blocked" bug when items are not usable:
If you create a ContainerItemButton out of combat, you can do with it what ever you want.
BUT if you create a new button via CreateFrame dureing combat, it will taint and become non-clickable.
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