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Action bar switching help.

SO right now I have a razor keyboard but a basic 2 button and scroll wheel mouse. Usually for my UI I would have 3 bars(1-10,ALT1-10,and mouse buttons1-12) But right now im using 2 bars 1-10 and alt1-10 But I use action bar pagin to swith 1-10 bar into another 1-10 bar. Im looking through the settings and all I can find is keybinds for Ctrl and alt.Is there any way to use different buttons? I usually use scroll click for switch. If there is any possible way to do this please help I love this addon
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I'm not certain which action bar addon you may be using. There may be something in the addon's settings. If you're talking about paging (like with the default UI), there are keybinds for that in your keybinds window.
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Action bar switching is usually handled by the DEFAULT keybind's (such as "shift + 1" for action bar #1 or "shift + 2" for action bar #2, and so on) and as such is defined in the DEFAULT key binding facility on the page that has the DEFAULT key binds for the action bars on it. If you are using an action bar replacement / addon with a special key binding facility installed with it, you have to tell us the name of the addon / action bar replacement.

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