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The "C" is flashing

Hello all,

Is anybody experiencing a flashing "C" in Carbonite (screenshot attached). In the screenshot it's white, but it changes back and forth between the normal, and white "C". How do I make it stop? Also when I teleport from one area to another, sometimes the "zoom" on the map will move in really close, for far out. Is there anyway to keep it the same. Finally, sometimes the map will fill 90 percent with the flight map (like you just clicked a flight master), and the other 10 percent (always on the right side of the map) will be the regular Carbonite map. Unfortunately, I don't have a screen show of that, because today, it's only done it once and I didn't think to do a screen grab. As far as I can tell, I have the most up-to-date carbonite maps (it just updated again via twitch today, 9/14/17) Anyone know how I can get this little glitches to stop?

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Right click Carbonite "C" button them enter "Whats new":

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As far as I know, since I haven't played in a year, your map problem stems from not having the map scale set. Get the map set to how you like it, and then right click on an empty (no icons or anything) part of the map, and choose "Set Map Scale" (or whatever the option is now) in the menu. Once you do that, you're good to go - since you've now already seen the menu. With Carbonite you can also set a key bind (or you could, at least) to retrieve your maps set scale. This can be done in the default key binding facility.
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