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component Access/Tip List

I'm rather new to the xml so i'm creating a list of ways to access components to help me and others.

--Returns (1 | nul) (checked | unchecked)
local TextThenData = (getglobal("Test5Form".."CheckButton1")):GetChecked();

--This Get's the Text from a Edit box
local editboxtext = (getglobal("Test5Form".."MultilineEditBox1".."Edit")):GetText();

--This addes Text to the frame
Originally Posted by Nulkris
The UI naming system substitutes $parent with the name of the parent object. So to access the actual FontString object within the Label, you can do:

If the name of the Label is $parentLabel, and your form name is TestForm you would access it by:
local fs = getglobal("TestForm".."Label".."Label")
where the names are separated to clarify the splits.

If you just called your Label TitleText, then the code is:
local fs = getglobal("TitleText".."Label");

I'll add more as i learn/find out Please post any others if feel they are helpful

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how would you set the text of a label?
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