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Nameplate Addon Yogg 0


Did anyone know the name of the nameplate addon used by Hunters on this video ? ( Look at 8:18 )

They only see the nameplate with a specific raid Icon.


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Hello Timetowork,

I'm fairly certain that he is using TidyPlates, as most of the times the nameplates in the video match the style of that addon.

However, I don't know if it's actually TidyPlates that has the function to hide "other" nameplates than the marked one. It looks like there's some odd behavior when the other plates are hidden, the visible nameplate looks to be jumping around (maybe it's just stacking against hidden frames)

I have no further info beyond that.


Never mind, at a second look I noticed that the video is a compilation of footage from different players. I don't know what nameplates they are using, sorry.

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A Defias Bandit
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Thank for your fast answer.
I speak about the Hunter addon at 8min20s.
Their exist few additional option for Tidy Plate, like " Threat plate", "Clean plate" to hide some nameplate and I already tried.
I think the addon on the vid hide undesirable nameplate, but that doesn't look like Tidy Plate.
( This is woltk client on 3.3.5a patch )
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This forum does not provide support for private servers.
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What Kanegasi said.

Discussion of Private Servers, in any manner other than theoretical, is completely against our rules. We are an Official Fan Site. We follow Blizzard's rules, on top of our own rules.

Threads requesting assistance with Private Servers get locked. Repeated postings get you banned.
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