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Personal Update

RealUI needs help. It's been about ten years(!) since I started contributing to RealUI, and about eight years since I took over the majority of development. A lot has changed in that time, from RealUI to real life.

One of those changes is just generally less free time in which to work on addons. Between work, school, and household chores, I just haven't had the time I used to have for RealUI and my other projects. This has also coincided with a reduction in actual play time in WoW, to the point where right now i mostly just login to fix a bug or work on a feature.

The bottom line here is that I'm likely going to have to step back from regular development of this UI. Not right now, not tomorrow (I do plan on making sure RealUI is ready for 9.1 at the very least), but at some point within the next 12 months i'm probably going to need to step away. Which is why i wanted to make this post and give all of you a heads up, and hopefully find someone that I can pass the torch to.

RealUI has been on github since I started, and has been open to pull requests. I have a wiki page that walks through how to setup a development environment. If you are interested in contributing, I would also encourage you to join the discord server.
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