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    I blame the global recession! Okay, maybe not quite, but whatever the cause, Real Life(tm) has been a bit crazy of late, especially with work, and the arrival of 3.2 kinda caught me off guard - I just wasn't expecting it to roll out quite yet!

    Anyway, Chatmanager is updated, and I'll roll on through my other addons when I can find some more time, and when the servers are up long enough to work on 'em.

    And yes, Blessings is still on the table, albeit in a few thousand pieces. That said, my paladin is 80 now, and if I ever get time to play him in a group, I expect the pain of self-managing his blessings will drive to me to work on it and maybe finish it this decade...
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    10-20-08 09:52 PM by: Cirk
    Now that 3.0.2 is live and all of my other (current) addons have been updated, I've been getting a few queries about what happened to, and what is going to happen to, Blessings.

    Short answer is "I'm still working on it"

    Long answer is that I wasn't playing my paladin for a long time before 3.0.2, so development on an improved version of Blessings had basically stalled. Now that I'm having fun playing him again (along with all the other OMG-ret-is-fun-again pallies) and the changes to how paladin blessings work have basically settled down, I'm going to try and find some time to work on Blessings again.

    (Don't hold your breath though folks - it'll all depend on RL and everything else as usual).
    I've been spending some time over on the PTR, making my addons "3.0.2" and (hopefully) WotLK proof (or as best I can before the moving target that is the PTR patch goes live), so I'll be updating everything here soon in preparation for the patch release