WoW Addon Compilation Creator Changelog
Planned Features (not confirmed):
- automatic detection of new/updated/deleted addons + adding this info to the ReadMe.txt
- automation of Addon Compilation Creation (every x days for example)

v1.5.0 (11.10.2006)
- removed Ads (Banners)
- Improved "Advanced" Step (after creating the compilation) and added two new options:
--- added second destination folder to copy your compilation to another folder or PC via LAN
--- added option to upload your compilation via FTP to a webserver
- updated Runtime Engine (general performance/stability improvements)
- improved some error messages to give more details
- added new application icon

v1.4.2 (16.05.2005)
- Added option to add Date and Time to the name of your .zip file
- Updated Runtime Engine (some general improvements)

v1.4.1 (24.04.2006)
- minor fix for saved version number
- minor fix for missing ReadMe-Files (was not created if "temp" folder was missing)

v1.4 (01.02.2006)
- fixed URLs and Links (www.bl4cksh33p.de)
- fixed some typos
- fixed the advertisement on the welcome screen
- added file and copyright info to the WoWACC.exe
- added support for Bl4ckSh33p's Tool Updater

v1.3 (22.09.2005)
- added Menu on top (Submit Bug/Suggestion, About, visit Website)
- added option to open SourceFolder when finished
- option to add Settings from .lua files with saved variables/settings (suggested by: Dragonomega)
- added Support for WoW Manager (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2216)

v1.2 (08.09.2005)
- added changelog.txt
- added HTML Output for ReadMe-File
- added HTML Support for Description text
- improved Addon Version checking and displaying in ReadMe-File
- slightly improved .ZIP creation and ReadMe creation
- fixed "stuck" issue if file/compilation name contained invalid chars
- fixed tooltip of Compilation name field
- removed Colorcodes in Addon Titles

- added Version information to ReadMe.txt (Addonlist)
- the "nil" error message for Addons without a proper .toc should be fixed now
(thanks to JokerGermany and DericDraco for the report)
- added option to create a simple logfile for all operations (useful for debugging and may be improved later)

- initial release