How To Use Inter-Guild Link
All users can access the Graphical User Interface (GUI) or the Command-Line Interface (CLI), but what is available depends upon whether you are a Guild Leader. While everyone has access to the general settings (like turning guild names on/off in chat) and status information, Guild Leaders have additional access to settings which they can use to create and manage links with other guilds. You can access the GUI either by typing "/igl setup" into the CLI or by opening the Game Menu, clicking the Interface button, activating the AddOns tab, and selecting the Inter-Guild Link node.

Guild Leaders can expand this node to reveal two additional sub-pages where they may Manage Alliances (create a New Guild Alliance, Break a Guild Alliance, or Leave the entire Guild Alliance Group) and Manage Permissions for each link (enabling/disabling individual link features). All options are also accessible via the CLI; just enter /igl for detailed help.

The configuration settings you generate as a Guild Leader are stored as a serialized token into your Guild Information Text (it will be visible in the form of "<IGL:settings>" at the very end of any other text). This enables everyone in your guild to have exactly the same link and permission settings no matter when they log in. NEVER manually edit the serialized token! You can easily corrupt the settings, breaking your guild alliances! You can move the token as you see fit, but DO NOT change ANYTHING between the opening <IGL: and the closing >.

Other guild members need only have Inter-Guild Link installed and running. No additional configuration is necessary for them to participate in your guild's links. Inter-Guild Link automatically uses all settings that are created by the Guild Leader.

This AddOn does nothing for you if you are not in a guild.

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