HOW TO: Leave a Guild Alliance Group (Guild Leaders only)
HOW TO: Leave a Guild Alliance Group (Guild Leaders only)
I. Prerequisites
I.1. You are a Guild Leader
I.2. You are logged into World of Warcraft
I.3. You are running Inter-Guild Link
I.4. Your guild is allied with at least one other guild

II. CLI Method
II.1. Enter: /igl link quit

III. GUI Method
III.1. Open the Inter-Guild Link GUI using one of the methods discussed on the general How To page
III.2. Expand the Inter-Guild Link node to display the additional management pages
III.3. Select the Manage Alliances page
III.4. In the Leave Guild Alliance Group section, click the Leave Now button

IV. Postconditions
IV.1. You will be presented with a confirmation dialog that clearly repeats your request and offers you the opportunity to permit or cancel the action; you must permit the action to complete it before the confirmation expires (approximately 30 seconds)
IV.2. Upon successful completion, your guild will be removed from the entire guild alliance group, accepting no relay activities from any of the formerly allied guilds