HOW TO: Configure Link Permissions (Guild Leaders only)
HOW TO: Configure Link Permissions (Guild Leaders only)
I. Prerequisites
I.1. You are a Guild Leader
I.2. You are logged into World of Warcraft
I.3. You are running Inter-Guild Link
I.4. Your guild is allied with at least one other guild

II. CLI Method
II.1. Enter: /igl permit GUILD ACTIVITY STATE
GUILD is the indexed name of the guild link you wish to change; it will be in the form of Guild# where # is assigned as visible when you enter just: /igl permit

ACTIVITY is the name of the relay activity you wish to regulate; it will be one of the following (which are explained when you enter just: /igl permit GUILD):

STATE is either on or off (or omit STATE to toggle the setting from on to off or off to on)

II.2. Repeat step II.1. for each permission you wish to specify
II.3. To save all changed permissions, you must enter: /igl permit save

III. GUI Method
III.1. Open the Inter-Guild Link GUI using one of the methods discussed on the general How To page
III.2. Expand the Inter-Guild Link node to display the additional management pages
III.3. Select the Manage Permissions page
III.4. Select the guild name you wish to configure
III.5. Enable or disable any of the available permissions as you wish
III.6. Click the Save Permissions button when finished

IV. Postconditions
IV.1. Excepting Ally-of-Ally, all changes you make will affect only your guild's relay activities in real-time irregardless whether you save the changes, however the permission changes will be forgotten when you log out unless you first save them (as per steps II.3. or III.6. above)
IV.2. Upon saving your changes, all other allied guilds will receive the new permissions and behave accordingly