SCT Basic Info
What is it?
A fairly simple but very configurable mod that adds damage, heals, and events (dodge, parry, windfury, etc...) as scrolling text above you character model, much like what already happens above your target. This makes it so you do not have to watch (or use) your regular combat chat window and gives it a "Final Fantasy" feel.

Where did it come from?
The idea and base code came from the healthbar mod. I liked that mod a lot, but it really didn't do all that I wanted. So I decided to use it as a base to create my own mod purely as a learning experience. I've continued to work on it and think its now stands on its own merits, with almost none of the original code still intact.

What's it look like?

What can it do?

- Damage messages
- Heals
- Spell Damage/Resists and Damage Type
- Dodges, Blocks, Parries, Absorbs, and Misses
- Custom Colors for all text events
- Config file to setup custom events (self and target), capture data, and display it.
- Debuff/Buff gain and loss Messages
- Low Health and Mana Warnings with values
- Rage/Mana/Energy Gains
- Enter and Leave Combat Messages
- Rogue Combo Points, 5 CP Alert Message
- Warrior Execute and Paladin Hammer of Wrath alerts
- Honor and Reputation Gain
- Four Animation Types (Verticle, Rainbow, Horizontal, Angled Down)
- Four Fonts to choose from
- Ability to flag all text with * to more easily seperate it from target damage
- Ability to show events as text messages at the top of the screen
- Ability to set the scroll direction to up or down
- Ability to flag any event as critical
- Sliders for text size, opacity, animation speed, movement speed, and on scren placement
- MyAddons, Cosmos, Cosmos2 support
- Settings saved per character
- Load/Delete settings from another character