OneBank: Readme
Current Version: 2.0.$Revision: 5387 $


OneBank is a replacement for the default bank frame that combines all the bags into one frame. Its a compainion for OneBag.

  • Combines all your character bank bags into one.
  • Customizable number of columns.
  • Displays the total number of slots, by slots used and type. Types being that ammo, soul bags, and professions bags all get a seperate count.
  • Inherent support for addons such as KC_Items, ItemSync, LootLink, and SellValue, with no need for special code.
  • Color coded slots by item rarity or bag type.
  • Customizable display of only certain bags, either but slot number, or by type.
  • Gives you a bag bar for easy manipulation of your bags.
  • You can mouseover the bags on the bar to highlight the slots from that bag. You can also lock this highlight by clicking.
  • Customize the scale and alpha of the frame.
  • Provides an easy to use graphical config menu.
  • As best as can be tested, purchasing bank slots WORKS.
  • Is loaded on demand when you visit the bank.

A Couple of Notes:
  • This mod does rely on the Ace2 embedable framework. Ace2 is the next generation of the Ace line, and does not require an external Ace2 addon as a dependency.
  • However, OneBag is a required dependency for OneBank. Much of the code between the two is different and as such only exists within the OneBag files.

Command List
All of these commands are available from both the command line and dropwdown config menu unless otherwise noted.
  • /obb or /onebank - Main chat command
    • cols - Sets the number of columns to use.
    • scale - Sets the scale of the frame.
    • strata - Sets the strata of the frame.
    • alpha - Sets the alpha of the frame.
    • show - Various display options.
      • ammo - Turns display of ammo bags on and off.
      • soul - Turns display of soul bags on and off.
      • prof - Turns display of profession bags on and off.
      • 5 - Turns display of your first bank bag on and off.
      • 6 - Turns display of your second bank bag on and off.
      • 7 - Turns display of your third bank bag on and off.
      • 8 - Turns display of your fourth bank bag on and off.
      • 9 - Turns display of your fourth bank bag on and off.
      • 10 - Turns display of your fifth bank bag on and off.
    • colors - Various color options.
      • mouseover - Changes the highlight color for when you mouseover a bag slot.
      • ammo - Changes the highlight color for Ammo Bags.
      • soul - Changes the highlight color for Soul Bags.
      • prof - Changes the highlight color for Profession Bags.
      • rarity - Turns rarity coloring on and off.
    • Plow! - (Note: This option only appears if you have MrPlow installed) - Organizes your bags.