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    08-13-06 06:53 PM by: Aileen
    VolumeFu 2.0 was released today for FuBar 2.0.
    • New feature: mute/unmute game volume by double clicking the plugin icon
    • Does not print out a notification anymore about resetting the game volume.
    • Minor cosmetic changes in the tooltip/menu
    BossPanel - Farmer has been released to help make keeping track of the items you are farming easier.
    02-26-06 11:08 AM by: Aileen
    BossPanel - Volume v2.0 has been released with sliders for all four volume options. Next up will be quick-mute options.
    I have created a port of TitanVolume for BossPanel. I missed being able to quickly control my volume once I switched to BossPanel, because I often alt-tab out of the game and get hit with the infamous "sound problem" when I tab back in.

    Right now it only controls the master volume, but the plan is to add in controls for most/all of the volume options available.