My addon policy: Why create when you can reuse/repurpose?
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03-15-18 06:49 PM by: 10leej
No garauntee's but 10leej is back! And yes I'm working on my addons already, just wanna finish downloading the game first.
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03-09-15 11:43 PM by: 10leej
You'll probably notice that BobUI is using a new font. Well this font is called OpenDyslexic it's a font that improves font readability for those who are visually impaired. Or in my case for those who spend all day looking at a computer screen reading walls of text.

It makes it easier for me to read text in game. And BobUI is my personal UI. Plus I found out today that I have some pretty bad eyes and had to buy glasses today.

Don't like it you don't have to use it. BobUI's old font was Arial Narrow.
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11-18-14 11:58 AM by: 10leej
Since i no longer play thegame on a constant basis I've decided that all my future addons will be listed under free licenses except BobUI. The reasoning that BobUI is excluded is that as of the current version ( uses a lot of code from All Rights Reserved addons which legally prevents me from doing this.
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05-29-14 06:49 AM by: 10leej
So playing around with BobMiniUI and updating that off of BobUI v6 got me thinking about making a better version of my own PVP UI. More singular than BobUI's modular approach to an addon, though I haven't quite sold myself on this idea yet to be honest. I do however like that idea being built up in my head though which is a crazy concept of a significantly more flexible UI with a transparent theme.

Still no in game config though. I determined I hate them as they typically triple the memory usage (not that it truely matters to be honest)
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05-15-14 08:00 PM by: 10leej
Now that I got BobUI v6 up and stable and even fixed a few bugs I'm working on !Beautycase skins