AceXPBar Version History
History for previous AceXPBar versions:
After 4.0, AceXPBar became XPBarNone

  • 'local standings' and 'local repcolours' have now been moved to
    self.standings and self.repcolours and are now created in the Initialize()
  • Bar colours are now stored as tables, eg. resting = { r=1, g=1, b=1 }. You
    will need to set your bar colours again if you had changed them. This change
    reduces the amount of Get and Set functions called.
  • Default "remaining" colour is now Red instead of the difficult to see Grey.
  • Removed standings table, grab strings from getglobal() instead.
  • Removed repcolours table, use Blizzard colours instead.
  • Added "kills to level" function. /axpb set kills
  • Shift clicking the XP bar will now paste the XP bar text into the edit box.

  • Scaling the bar no longer makes it jump around the screen

3.0: Scaling!
  • Added option for hiding XP text: '/axpb set hidetext'
  • Added option for setting the frame strata: '/axpb set strata'
  • Optimized self:SetVariousStuff() function by only calling strlower() once.
  • Vastly improved colour picker code. Anyone who had looked at my previous code here will agree.
  • Further improvement by removing unneeded locals in the Set_Colour and Cancel_Colour
  • Scaling now works correctly! The bar moves about a bit when you do this, in 1.11 I'll be able to make sure that it doesn't go off the screen. '/axpb set scale'

  • Added option for setting bar height: '/axpb set height'
  • Added option for setting font size: '/axpb set fontsize'
  • Added option for setting font outlining: '/axpb set fontoutline'
  • Fixed missing option 'set texture'. You could still set this option, but it wasn't being reported in the help.
  • Fixed 'reset width' function.
  • Changed how 'XP text' was stored in the mod, you can now make macros to spam your current amount of XP. This will spam the currently displayed text, so if you currently have the rep bar showing, it will spam that.
  • Example macro: /script SendChatMessage("XP: ".. AceXPBar.xptext, "PARTY")
    The above would spam your current XP to your party.
    For more information on SendChatMessage() -> http://www.wowwiki.com/API_SendChatMessage
  • Commented out currently unused AceXPBar:Scale() function.
  • Probably some other small changes that I forgot.

  • Added support for displaying the Reputation XP bar.
  • Added option '/axpb set showrep', for showing the rep bar.
  • Added option '/axpb set mouseover' for switching between bars when you mouse over it. It will switch to whatever bar isn't being shown. So you could keep your XP bar shown and occasionally mouse over it if you wanted to see how your rep grind was going.

  • Fix for missing comma in Locals file, oops.

  • Now uses CreateFrame and friends instead of an XML file.
  • Added a Remaining Rested XP bar.
  • Added nice texture, can be toggled with '/axpb set texture'. (On by default)
  • Added a toggle for the frame border.
  • Big clean up in the UpdateXP() function.
  • Moved various small functions into the SetVariousStuff() function.

  • Small bug fix in AceXPBar:HideAtCap(), if you had autohiding at the cap
    enabled and you were at the cap, the XPBar would show again when entering or
    leaving a resting area.

  • Changed XML slightly, there should be no problems running this alongside
    Card_Bars and similar mods now.
  • More changes to functions.
  • Added new 'set width' option, which (obviously) sets the width of AceXPBar.
  • More changes to slash commands.

1.1: (not released due to taking a break)
  • Added feature to indicate when player is "Resting".
  • Renamed some functions.
  • Much code cleaning and making things look nicer.
  • Tidied up slash commands.

  • Added ability for players to set their own colours for the XP bars.

  • Initial version