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Current Addon List:
Auction, Mail, and Inventory:
AckisRecipeList - When this mod is run with a tradeskill window open, it will list all of the recipes for that tradeskill you don't have and how to get them.
Auctionator - Makes creating appropriately priced auctions tons easier.
Auditor - Keeps track of gold on all your toons, sells greys, and auto-repairs.
Combuctor - All-in-one bag replacement for your bags and bank.
Postal - Allows for quick mailing of items to last recipient (alt-click item in inventory) and bulk open/mail.
Advanced TradeSkill Window - Replaces the existing tradeskill window with a much more intuitive and filterable one.

Combat, Casting, and Buffs:
Autobar - Configurable button bar that allows quick use of all items you're carrying in specified categories (i.e. food/water, mana/health pots, food buffs, etc)
Raven - Bars with timers for player buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, Dot's, active effects (such as Winter's Chill), and HoT's.
IceHUD - Heads-up-display that shows player health and mana/rage, as well as target health and mana/rage in side-by-side vertical bars with percentages.
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - Will display damage/heals/effects that you receive and perform around the HUD.
Castbars - Player and enemy castbar (also displays latency on player castbar for use with stopcasting macros).
SmartBuffs - Easy assignment and performing of buffs for you/party/raid. Will also buy reagents based on you what specify.
SpellFlash - May sometimes help you with deciding what spell to use next.
SayWebWrapped - Alert teammates when you are wrapped.

Informational and Misc:
ACP - Adds an option to the in-game menu for loading/unloading addons specific to that character (supports load-on-demad mods) and also adds a reloadui button.
BonusScanner - Broker addon with lots of info about your character (stats, gems, etc).
BugGrabber & BugSack - Grabs any UI errors and tosses them into a sack for review later.
Fizzle - Adds colored border for rarity as well as durability information to gear on character tab.
OverAchiever - Achievement windows enchancements as well as comparison of your progress in tooltips of achievements linked by others in chat.
Prat - Offers extensive configration of chat frames.
RatingBuster - Shows what stats on equipment equate to in the tooltips (i.e. how much % hit/crit comes from the stat, how much dodge the agility equals, etc) as well as a summary of the net gains/losses of the item compared to what you have equipped.
SLDataText - Condensed onscreen info containing server time, FPS, latency, and mod memory usage.
GoGoMount - Automatically mount using the best mount (configurable, and keybound to Shift-~ by default).
Healers Have To Die - Warn you if there are any healers in your area.
TipTac - Improved tooltips.
XPBarNone - Highly customizable XP/rep bar.
NPCScan - Scan NPCs around you for rare ones. (Included: Map Overlay of where Rares appear) Alerts will sounds when you find one.
SavedInstanced - Tracks your instance locks.
TidyBar - Tidy Nameplates.
XLoot- Advanced loot addon.
DockingStation - Shows a lot of information in a bar attatched to the top of the screen.
MeteorUI - The installer for all of this.

PVP Mods:
Deadly PVP Mods - This addon uses "Deadly Boss Mods Bars" to trigger when your enemys or friends auras gained. If so, Deadly Pvp Mods will warn you. eg. [Repe] gains [Divine Shield] (Immune to damage). At the same time, a Deadly Boss Mods Bar will start ticking down, showing you when you can damage him again.
Gladius - Small unit frames for enemy units in arenas (allows binding of functions or spells such as interupt, set as focus, etc).
Sapped - Alert your team for incoming saps.

Unit Frames and Actionbars:
Masque - Supports skinning of all in-game buttons. (currently using the Caith texture).
Bartender4- Actionbar mod with a generic predefined layout and basic keybinds/paging (the mod supports advanced paging based on stance/form, keybinding, and virtually any button layout).
KGPanels - Used to create the backdrops for the chat/button frames.
OmniCC - Shows the cooldown of a spell/ability on the button.
PitBull4 - Unit Frames. (Configured for Solo / Scenario / Dungeons)
Shadowed UF - Unit Frames. (Configured for Raids / BattleGrounds / Boss Fights)

Chinchilla - Square, scalable, movable minimap.
Carbonite - Advanced Map System.
Gathermate2 - Will overlay the map with known node information (mostly-complete database included) on various gathering professions (by default will only show locations for gathering professions you have).

DeadlyBossMods - Provides boss-related timers and notifications for 5-man instances.
Omen3 - Displays party/raid member's threat for your currently selected target (will also parse KTM data that it receives).
Recount - Damage meter mod that tracks more information then you can imagine (capable of creating graphs and side-by-side comparisons).
oRa3 - A lightweight replacement to CTRaid (responds to all CT commands/requests).

Carbonite - The advanced map addon.