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08-30-12 11:54 PM by: Sargeant
Wow, I forgot I had a news page....

Posted MoP updates of several addons that ceased to work in 5.0.4:

Cat's Eye
Broker [Group]

(Seriously, the last time I posted here was... when?! Oh, geez... I don't even remember those....)
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09-17-08 02:14 AM by: Sargeant
New version of CombatGraph, updated for the latest version of WoW should be out pretty soon (as soon as the upload is approved).

As for UT_Taunts, I think I'm going to let that one gather dust. Not really worth fixing.
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09-16-08 12:51 AM by: Sargeant
Time for me to finally make something useful.

After a long vacation from being involved with addons, I've finally returned to it... out of impatience. =p

One of my favorite old school mods, CombatGraph, has been laid to rest for quite some time, long abandoned by its original owner, it hasnt been in a working condition for around a year now. CombatGraph Updated by Omgwhokillme saw a brief resurgence in use around the advent of TBC and the new version of lua. However, noone ever managed to convert the old mod after 2.4 and the spiffy new combat log. This one has laid in the dust for way too long, so I'm bringing it back.

Look for CombatGraph Revived to show up on WoWInterface sometime soon.

Oh, and I'll probably update UT_Taunts to not suck as hard.
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04-30-06 03:10 PM by: Sargeant
Solution UI updated again at long last!
Sorry I was MIA for so long, guys.

Among several other updates, I've upgraded to the newest version of DAB, which will fix the keybinding issues many people have had.

The screenshots, installation guide, and addon list have been updated as well.
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02-07-06 03:01 AM by: Sargeant
Now all authors of WoWInterface get their own subdomain? Awesome!

Anyway, Solution UI has just recently been updated to version 2.1. Working better than ever :P Submit some bug reports / feature requests if you feel the need.

I've also thrown together an edit of the great but messy TitanCritLine into something a bit more clean . You can find this version in the Solution package, if you want it.

From here on out, I think I'll keep a short list of mods I'm keeping an eye on, either for personal amusement, or for consideration for including them in Solution.

Mods to watch: