This page is a portal for numerous World of Warcraft user interface addons created by me, Saeris. Each addon also has a "Documentation" directory within its folder, containing a description of its functionality, the entire documented history of changes, developer notes (if applicable), the license, contact information (including the information needed to donate if you wish), an explanation of my addon type system, and an explanation of my versioning system. All of this information is also present either right here, or on my home page, or on the addon's own page. Also, if needed, you can review installation instructions.

Installation Instructions

To install an addon, first download the latest version of that addon, which is a simple .zip archive file. Navigate to the location where you saved the file, right click it, and select the option to unzip the file to the current directory from the context menu. Open the folder that appears to find one or more additional folders inside, select and right click those folders, and select "Cut". Now navigate to the directory on your hard drive where the game is installed. If there is no folder in that directory named "Interface", create one, and then create another folder within that one named "AddOns". Within the AddOns folder, right click and select "Paste", to drop the addon you are installing into this folder. If you are asked whether to overwrite existing files, select "Yes". Then ensure the folder hierarchy is correct by checking this format:
{game directory} \ Interface \ AddOns \ {addon name} \ {individual files and possibly other sub-folders}
If the folders and files are in that order, with respect to case sensitivity, you have successfully installed the addon. For WAR addons, the addon can be installed while the game is running, but you must type "/reloadui" afterward to load it. For WoW addons, you should exit the game before installing the addon.


These addons may be used or modified in any way which exhibits full compliance with the game's Terms of Service (TOS) and End User License Agreement (EULA) or End User Access and License Agreement (EUALA), as well as the rules of the website from which the files were downloaded. You may redistribute these addons, but only if they are completely unchanged from the way they were found in their zip files. If you wish to distribute a modified version, you must first obtain permission directly from the author, Saeris.

Contact Information

If you found a bug in one of these addons, want to provide feedback, want to help translate one, or even just want to ask a question, please contact the author, Saeris, using one of these methods:

Email address: [email protected]
ICQ number: 119161819
AIM screenname: SaerisSanoora

If you use any other method, it might take significantly longer to reply to your message.

If you wish to support the efforts that made these addons, you can donate via PayPal by clicking this button:

Addon Type System

These addons use a system in which there are three distinct types:

These addons actually provide functionality to the user. They may be entirely self-contained, or they may make use of library-type and plugin-type addons. Interface-type addons always appear with this directory path:
{game directory}/Interface/AddOns/{interface name}/

These addons exist simply to provide functionality to other addons of any type, and as their type name suggests, they may be shared between multiple other addons as a single, efficient source of the aforementioned functionality. For convenience, all library-type addons are prefixed with "Lib" to identify them from the other types of addons. Libraries may appear either included with the addons that use them (often in a subdirectory called "libs" or "Libraries") or as a normal addon, with directory paths like these:
* {game directory}/Interface/AddOns/{library name}/
* {game directory}/Interface/AddOns/{interface or plugin using the library}/libs/{library name}/
* {game directory}/Interface/AddOns/{interface or plugin using the library}/{library name}/

If they are included, the user does not need to worry about versions (since each addon includes the version it needs, and libraries are backwards compatible); if they are installed as normal addons, the user is responsible for ensuring that the installed version of the library is up to date. Library addons may have their major version suffixed to their name, such as "Library3" for a library of version 3.x.x, in cases where backwards compatibility cannot be maintained across major versions. This allows the older version of the library to remain installed and providing functionality even when a newer version is also present.

These addons are generally optional, and "plug in" to interface-type addons to provide additional functionality. Most interface-type addons which use plugins will not actually provide any significant functionality on their own. Generally, plugins will include the name of their parent interface addon in their own name to help identify them. Plugin-type addons may appear with these directory paths like these:
* {game directory}/Interface/AddOns/{plugin name}/
* {game directory}/Interface/AddOns/{parent interface name}/Plugins/{plugin name}/
* {game directory}/Interface/AddOns/{parent interface name}/{plugin name}/
An addon's type and any libraries it uses are listed at the top of its functionality description text file.

Versioning System

These addons adhere to a #.#.# versioning format:

The first number (the 11 in 11.22.33) denotes the current major version. This number is incremented when the addon's functionality or style of code changes so significantly as to barely resemble previous versions. For library-type addons, which provide functionality to client addons, this number is also a guarantee that every release within this major version will be backwards compatible with previous releases that are also within this major version. In these cases, this number is actually a suffix on the library's name. This is done so newer major versions of libraries will not overwrite older ones, since those may still be in use by other clients.

The second number (the 22 in 11.22.33) denotes the current minor version. This number is incremented when functionality is added, modified, or removed.

The third number (the 33 in 11.22.33) denotes the current subminor version. This number is incremented when a release's purpose is to fix bugs or errors, or to increase efficiency in some way, or to make a minor cosmetic adjustment.
Saeris's Avatar
12-11-08 01:25 PM by: Saeris
Hello there. I apologize for having not had my addons updated for the release of WotLK. I've been very busy and simply haven't had the time. However, now I do, so you'll see updates to most, if not all, of my addons in the coming weeks. In particular, LinksList, QuickChatlink, LinkBot, BigBankStatement, and Segui have all already been updated. If you are interested in seeing one particular addon updated hastily, let me know via email and I will prioritize.
Saeris's Avatar
11-23-06 09:16 PM by: Saeris
Just uploaded SimpleDruidBar, the description of which is thus: "Less customizable but more efficient and accurate version of DruidBar, an addon which displays a Druid's mana when in bear/cat form. Type "/sdb" for options." Take a look at the screenshot.
I've just posted a new version of SpeakEasyGUI that includes the ability to place a delay between the time that an entry is confirmed valid and the time it is actually sent.

Also, I've uploaded an official 6.0.0 version of LootLink (which contains all of the 6.0.0 beta versions and some additional fixes) as well as version 6.0.1, which is the same as 6.0.0 but with full compatibility for the expansion API.
Saeris's Avatar
11-17-06 12:40 AM by: Saeris
Just updated and uploaded BagRename, the purpose of which is, surprisingly enough, to rename your bags.

Many more of my addons will be uploaded tomorrow, as I finish rewriting and testing them. In particular, Surnames and SimpleDruidBar will certainly be ready by then.
Saeris's Avatar
11-16-06 10:43 PM by: Saeris
Just uploaded SpeakEasyGUI. Any kind of summary will not do it justice, so just take a look at the screenshot.