The intention of the GUI was to take up less screen space then DFM used to. With all the additions added and ones still coming, the bloody thing is getting too big for my liking.

I've begun reorganizing and sorting properties into seperate tab frames to save on space. The good news with this is that a profile management tab will finally be added so no more needing to use the overly complicated (and buggy) slash commands.
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04-28-10 03:17 PM by: ChaosInc
I've been getting a bit behind in school this term. I've needed to free some time up and WoW is currently sitting bench for the next couple months so I can focus on school without worrying about raid schedules, addon features/bugs, etc.
Started PvPing again and, yeah, it's a bit out of date and has been moved to the top of my "To Do" list. Update should be done in the next day or two.

Upcoming Changes
+ Isle of Conquest has been around for a while. Suppose DT should be supporting that.
+ Small filter fix for Arathi Basin (g?mi?n?e? causing most messages to show up. L2Filter noob!)
+ Slash command management is soooo 5 years ago! GUI in the works as I type this.
+ /dtape list will no longer spew ugly errors about nil arguments
Working on a "collection" of commonly used addon functionalities.

Currently Planned Functions
+ Auto-Restock reagents
+ Auto-Repair
+ Auto-Accept friend/guild invites
+ Auto-Decline Duels
+ Trade Chat filtering

If anyone has any other suggestions/requests while this is in the works, feel free to shoot me message.
Account is currently down as I'm a poor bastard for Xmas. In the meantime, I've been tweaking and fixing current/potential issues with my addons since I left. I plan to have a lot of updates released in in the relatively near future, including but not limited to:

DuctTape: performance is inconsistent, hoping to get working 100% of the time
CFM: have a fix to test resolving Blizz frames resetting when entering an instance - DONE!
CombatNames: slight code rewrite, possible incorporation with new project PvPNames if the author is interested
AutoNo: slight code rewrite, no fix yet for double posting with other chat mods - DONE!
MageTaxi: it seems thor has opted out of updating this. a complete rewrite is coming nixing the XML portions, so don't expect anything immediate. thx for the notice, thor! (read: lack thereof)
Kicker: working fine last I heard. nothing to fix, looking into cross-realm group support
InviteHim!: not working the way it's supposed to, but not high on priority
CART: get to this when I get my existing projects working the way they're supposed to