Spell Timer
Spell Timer
  • Shows spell duration timers INSTANTLY when they are cast, no waiting for debuffs to actually show up on your target.
  • Based on the spells YOU successfully cast only. Don't worry, it will check for resist/immune/evade.
  • Supported targets are: target, focus, mouseover, self, pet (and party/raid in case you use macros or addons that use [target=party1] etc in them)
  • Curses (purple), Magic dots (red-orange), Crowd control (green) and pet spells (teal) and other types have a different color.
  • Intelligent buff/debuff cast tracking.
  • Removes the debuffs from your target when it dies.
  • Clicking the yellow arrow on the right will toggle if the timer bars will expand up or down. (can be done from the options as well)
  • Second Arrow on the spelltimer will enable you to change what side the countdown timers are displayed for the spelltimers. (can be done from the options as well)
  • Right Click spell timer icons to remove this timer.
  • You can left-click a spell timer icon to display its remaining time to your party or raid. Right now this is affected by the global 'show party/raid messages' enable option.
  • The option to hide long duration timers on 'trash' is removed for a 'Hide timers if remaining over' option, which can be disabled for bosses.
  • Option to group timers per unit
  • New option to center name text, instead of maximizing name space
  • Change the transparency for non-target. Default is 0.50.
  • Option to display spell name instead of target name
  • You can choose to nicely fade out timer bars.
  • Enable highlighting for spells you just finished casting.
  • Possibility to display resisted/failed spells in the timer for X seconds.
  • Option to show Shadow Vulnerability debuff on your target as a powerup buff
  • Option to change the basic fading delay and speed of bars
  • Debuffs that got removed early will turn to the fail color during fade time
  • Filter that allows you to permanently hide/color timers you name
  • Unit name labels. When you have spell names instead of target names selected, and are grouping by unit, the spelltimer will display a label for every group. Right now labels will appear under the bars when expanding up, and above when expanding down.
  • Displays RaidTarget icons. Works best with the 'use raid member targets' option on. Icons are drawn behind bar texts atm.
  • Option to only show target and focus
  • Unlocking the spell timer will show the header, locking it hides it.
  • Support for buffs on friendly targets
  • New option: Adapt all bars to one maximum. To support this, I also added another option to set the maximum duration a bar can display. 30 seconds seems good if you have adapt to one maximum on. More info
  • Better setbonus support
  • Many nice improvements because of the new unit IDs :D
  • Combo-point support
  • Added a 'Force maximum time' option. This will set every timer to this maximum time duration, even if the highest duration timer is less.
  • Blood Fury and Gift of the Naaru added
  • Option to hide or show each type of spell
  • Can also show important debuffs cast by others (for warlocks curses like coe, cor and banish) This is still in its first stage and currently only displays these debuffs on your target.
  • The spell timer finally supports stacking of the spells you cast (e.g. sunder and lifebloom).
  • I also added a small 'hack' to the spell timer that gives you the right remaining time on a Corruption or SW:P cast after it's reset, which will be 0 to 3 seconds different from the time the wow api is giving you.

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