Cooldown Timer
Cooldown Timer
  • A single logaritmic cooldown bar for ALL your spells and items.
  • If icons are too close to eachother, (more than half overlap) the bar will switch quickly bewteen these icons.
  • Choose to 'Splash out' a faded cooldown icon to get your attention.
  • You can mouse over icons to see more details.
  • In addition to a standard time scale in the background, you can choose to display the exact cooldown on every icon at all times.
  • The cooldown bar can be set to horizontal or vertical direction, so it's easier to give it a nice spot.
  • Different cooldown types have different bar colors which you can change. I may add more types tho, and powerup trinkets type isnt complete.
  • The cooldown timer works for every class (should at least, exept for changing color for powerup trinkets) so if you like this, and arent a warlock, you can still test it out :)
  • Option to change the time scale and an option to increase the time scale detail
  • Filter that allows you to permanently hide/color cooldowns you name. Currently ignored by default (but can be enabled): Blessed Medallion of Karabor, Everlasting Underspore Frond, Phase Shift, Backlash. You can easily add a cooldown to ignore by right-clicking its icon in the timer.
  • Buff durations added. For warlocks this will color things like demon armor, sacrifise buffs etc. But also bandage debuff.
  • Ritual of Souls color removed (just use the filter for this).
  • Countdown direction can be flipped
  • Secondary Splash icon that can be moved and sized freely. Although this icon can be enabled independently from the cooldown bar, it still uses the same core calculations made for the cooldown bar. So there will never be a great difference in performance if either one is running or both are.
  • Support for 'hidden' cooldowns (only works when timer module is installed)

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