General Info & Core

After running with simply "ForteWarlock" for a few years, the addon actually isn't just a warlock addon anymore... that's why I've decided to pick a new name for the future that's a bit more neutral. :)

Type /fw or /fc or /fex or /fx, or right-click a frame to show the Options Interface.

Drag the Frame headers to move unlocked frames around.
*Some frames can't be moved in combat, and some may be locked from the options

Supported Languages
ALL - Spells and items no longer need translations!

Interface languages:
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Russian (incomplete)

I thought I'd just add a small overview of what features of the addon require FX, oRA, CTRA or nothing at all.
  • Soulstone and Summon cast detection (with caster): None. (but more reliable with FX, oRa or CTRA)
  • Use of class abilities: FX (Cooldown or Casting module), CTRA or oRA. CTRA or oRA are no longer required. In addition FX sends the data to people with CTRA and oRA.
  • Shard/Healthstone detection: oRA or FX.

Type /fw or /fc or /fex or /fx to show the Options Interface.
  • When editing Editboxes, pressing enter will set the option, pressing escape will restore its old value.
  • Right-clicking an addon frame will now open the options and scroll to the options for this frame.
  • Every category has its own 'restore defaults' button, which will restore all the settings in this category to its defaults (doh), and a 'restore position' button, which sends this frame back to its default position.
  • You can add keybindings to pretty much all the addon buttons from the standard WoW bindings ui.

General Options
  • You can disable reagent (shard etc) counts on your spells with the 'safely block shard reagents' option (the first advanced option of core). Supports the standard UI and Bartender4 atm, maybe more.
  • Select a texture for all your bars at once, or for each one separately.
  • Select a font for all your bars at once, or for each one separately.
  • All frames have an option to change their scale and size.
  • All frames received an option to expand bars upwards and change the bar spacing.
  • All frames received an option to reset its default position. The buttons are located next to the 'restore all defaults' buttons. /fw position as a backup to reset the options frame.
  • Option to change time format. (from 60m or 59s to 59:59)
  • You can use /fw master to see who is set as the master warlock. This is the warlock that sends the item checks. It should always be a promoted warlock and among those one with the highest version number.
  • Frame positioning improvements. From now on frame positions are saved in the FW profiles. It's now also possible to make the FW frames snap (allign) to eachother. Scaling should also no longer move around frames to unwanted positions.
  • Profiles. If you name profiles after your characters, it will use the right one on load.
  • Automatic profile selection now needs a Realm name as well. For instance 'Xus Boulderfist'. You can simply copy your profiles to the right name with realm and delete the old ones.
  • Options fonts can be changed
  • You can now edit and copy RGBA values directly.
  • For some options with a number input, '0' does no longer mean 'disable'. Instead these options received an enable/disable checkbox. Your settings will get converted properly, but keep in mind that after that 0 will really mean 0.
  • It has already been in there for a couple of versions, but a bit hidden: An option to animate the scrolling and hiding/showing of the options. Just because it looks cool :P and may give you a better feeling of 'where you are' in the options menu.
One remark about the advanced options: Like the description says, you usually won't need to change anything there. One thing you may want to change on a fast computer is the 'Update Interval Animations'. Changing this setting from 0.05 to 0.03 (or even lower) will make the timer animations a lot smoother. :)

  • Forte Core The Core of it all. Required by all modules.
  • Forte Casting This module handles all the Casting related stuff. It is required by some of the modules below.
  • Forte Cooldown. The cooldown timer.
  • Forte Healthstone The Healthstone Spy.
  • Forte Shard The Shard Spy.
  • Forte Soulstone The Soulstone Spy. Requires Casting.
  • Forte Summon The Summon Assistant. Requires Casting.
  • Forte Timer The Spell Timer. Requires Casting.
  • Forte Talent The Talent UI improvement that lets you browse talents of other players of your class.
  • Forte Warlock The Warlock Module. This module registers the right buffs and debuffs to track, Shard Manager, class related messages etc. Casting is optional but required for it to show most messages. Spell timer and cooldown timer are also required for some parts.
The following modules provide (limited) support for the timers:
  • Forte Priest The Priest Module. This module is still in its first stage, and only meant to support the spell timer for shadow priests. It still misses a lot for healing priests.
  • Forte Warrior The Warrior Module. This module is still in its first stage, and only meant to support the spell timer.
  • Forte Death Knight.
  • Forte Druid by Lurosara.
  • Forte Hunter by Destard.
  • Forte Mage by Amros of Gilneas.
  • Forte Vehicle.
Most data responses for any modules will stay in the Core itself. So if I someone doesn't have the talent module for instance, the Core will still send talents to warlocks that do have it.

Note: Since it's still a 'beta' version, i'm constantly changing default values for lots options. So if you intended to use the default settings, it's smart to restore all of the defaults once in a while :P

Because FW doesnt use a mob library, it simply checks if a unit is a world boss or a player when deciding if your target has a unique name. If you find any units you know are unique and not a world boss or the other way around, you can correct this yourself. "/fw u boss" saves your target as a unique unit, "/fw u trash" sets it as a normal mob. You can use "/fw u none" to remove your saved setting for your target. I included some defaults from 'high-end encounters' so his will prolly be unneeded anyway :P

Currently working on
  • Diminishing returns tracking @ spell timer
  • Subtle visual aid to see when you should start recasting a spell on the timers
  • Some pet summon buttons etc so you can dump necrosis? :p
  • Small changes in the rest of the addon
  • Docking with Fubar?
  • Spell Range/usability Indicator