Class Modules
Warlock Modules

Easy Casting
  • The Soulstone Icon in the soulstone/cooldown tracker can now be used to create/cast a soulstone, using the left/right mouse button. ALT+right click casts soulstone on yourself. wewt!
  • The Summon icon can be used to cast Ritual of Summoning.
  • Healthstone icon can be used to create/use a healthstone, using left/right mouse button.
  • Ritual of Souls icon can create a soulwell, using right click.

Main Warlock Module

Raid messages
  • Added messages to soulstone casts and summoning events. The fear/banish/enslave fade messages now actually affect the time at which the message is displayed. You can now choose if you want a message to raid and/or channel, and choose if you want to disable all the messages to raid or channel. You can set one channel name or number. "Say" is a valid channel name.
  • Pet messages also include 'resist/fail, used and ready' now. Seduce now also has a fade and break message.

Bloodpact message
  • The default is "warrior self" (blood pact messages are disabled by default tho).
  • You can use "all" to let it show messages for everyone in your party.
  • You can also use player names.

Shard Manager
  • Set what bags should be used to store shards first. You need to set all your bag slots (even if you don't have any bags in some, or the manager won't do anything)
  • Set maximum number of shards you want to have
  • Set minimum of empty slots you want, if possible by removing shards
  • Set minimum of shards to keep (overrides the empty slots creation)
  • The manager will never delete shards from shard bags, no matter what settings.
  • Regardless of priority settings, the shards will always be moved to a shardbag first. Your settings change automatically to reflect this.
  • Set if the shards should be kept in the 'top' of your bags or moved to the bottom. Manager will never move items around. Only works with 'bag priority' enabled.
  • When this version moves/deletes anything, it will clear your cursor. So you will stop dragging whatever you were holding every time the manager takes action. I'll try to fix this as much as possible for the follow up.

Soulstone Tracker
  • Scans your party/raid for soulstones
  • Display timers for those with a soulstone
  • Attempts to get the warlock that cast the soulstone. The more warlocks with this, the smaller the chance it will miss a cast.
  • Mouse over to see what warlock cast the stone
  • Display warlock cooldowns for warlocks who's stone was used
  • Displays a text message when a Soulstone is used/expires.
  • You can choose to display All Cooldowns for other classes in the raid that have ora/ctra installed.
  • You can choose to display all cooldowns that are ready and not only spells on cooldown. This will also make cooldown bars fill up to ready.
  • When the soulstone/cooldown tracker is set to display all ready cooldowns as well, it will only do so in a raid, because ora will only send cooldowns there afaik.
  • Clicking the Soulstone/Cooldown Frame will now toggle bewteen Hide -> Cooldowns -> Cooldowns+All Ready -> etc.
  • Displays the number of useable soulstones up, green means a resser has a soulstone
  • Always shows timer of the shortest and longest lasting soulstone in header
  • Different colors for bar type and time left.
  • Addon should keep its timers in tact after reloading/relogging untill you reboot your pc. Will try to get timers from other people when you load your ui or join a party or raid.
  • Divine intervention buff check.

Summon Assistant
  • Works out of combat and in a raid. You will now have a small frame in the same style as the soulstone/cooldown tracker. Here players that (according to the addon) need a summon are queued. Also turned off when you're viewing the map, to avoid problems with other map addons.
  • First click will select the player (if not selected already), second click will start the summon.
  • Track what people are currently being summoned by other warlocks, and move them down the list. Whispered to get a summon, Automatically added, Currently being summoned by a warlock.
  • Added the detection of Whisper/Chat. "Summon me plx" and all that whine. Also "Summon PlayerX please" will be detected, and queue this player in your raid for summon instead.
  • Right Click a Person Queued for summon to remove it for 10seconds. If still 'out of range' then, the person will be requeued.
  • Summon bot now detects people that need a summon as intelligently as if you were manually searching for people that would need a summon. :)
  • You can set what string the addon should use to detect summon requests, or disable this completely
  • Can be set to track meeting stone summons as well (may impact performance!)
  • Summon assistant now also works in parties.
  • People are added to the summon queue even if they's not inside your instance.
  • An extra display mode, that hides people that are in an instance when you're not or the other way around (old behavior).
  • Will try to make the summoning monitor a bit smarter for next version, by looking at the position of units outside compared to your instance... WotLK will basically do this for me, so not going to yet.

Shard Spy
  • Displays your number of shards and the total number of shards in raid at all times
  • Can display the shard count of every warlock in the raid
  • Will use ora to get shard count from ppl without FW
  • Option to auto-hide when outside party/raid

Healthstone Spy
  • Bars display what healthstone types are missing in your raid. Currently these are the three variations of the best healthstone your 'master warlock' in the raid can make.
  • Left click Healthstone button to create your best healthstone, right click to use
  • Healthstone number indicates how many healthstones of this type you have
  • Left-click Soulwell button to update healthstone status, right-click to create a soulwell
  • Soulwell number indicates how many people need your healthstone
  • Left-clicking the frame toggles between Hide -> Num Healthstones -> Missing Healthstones -> etc
  • Only displays people with either FW or oRA! CTRA doesn't work.
  • Every warlock with 0.971+ will send his (HS) specc to the other warlocks, so the Healthstone Spy can now adapt to it. Inspecting should save speccs for warlocks without FW. Note that you will have to do this once in order to get the right healthstones to show up.
  • You can set the number of available healthstones to track.
  • You can let it only show the top tier healthstones like before.
  • Healthstone button greys out when you don't have any healthstones left (that can be used with this button)
  • Tooltip shows who can make the specific stones. Apart from being practical, if you know this data isn't right, you will know who to inspect for a talent update.