05-25-06 03:14 PM by: Mazzlefizz
Here's the first true "patch" version. Just download that one and drop it into your World of Warcraft directory. Hopefully, I didn't get anything wrong. (argh, so many details!)

- Check the settings carefully. For most of you, layout, blizzard and add-ons will be checked. On the third tab, only a few add-ons should be checked. For priests that installed the MazzleUI priest layout, the button selection should also be checked since their layout changed.

There's also a 0.26 full install.

Changle Log 0.26b
  • Bug Fix: Scale changed when Mazzifier window is shown to insure it's fully visible
  • Bug Fix: Map keybinding restored (Metamap used to have its own, but they removed it)
  • Bug Fix: Priest button layout will no longer overlap minimap for low level priests with few spells
  • Bug Fix: Mazz3D keybindings have proper names again
  • Bug Fix: Possible workaround for Fubar having incorrect width (need you guys to check this. I think it's a fubar bug.)
  • Bug Fix: Battleground minimap moved to top right of screen where it's actually visible
  • Layout Change: Battleground icon addjusted.
  • Add-On Updates: Framerate Adjuster 1.4, TheoryCraft 1.04.5, TipBuddy 2.21, Metamap 4.13