07-17-15 10:26 AM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Major improvements on the aura tool creation for WeakAuras.
- Fixed some issues with spec icons where sometimes it shows four small icons.
- Added an option to show a stopwatch on the title text showing the elapsed time of an encounter.
- Window title text now shrinks correctly when isn't enough space for it.
- For some special cases, left click now open the report window and shift+click shows the tooltip content in the window.
- Damage Taken by Spells now are a part of Damage bracket (no more on custom).
- Fixed custom functions for the customized bar left text.
- Improvements on report text format and also reverse option now works as intended.
- Removed the option for report only what is shown in the window.
- Added skins for report panel, the skin follow the skin selected for Player Detail Window.
- Fixed an issue with Encounter Details graphic for Archimonde encounter.
- Numbers format on Player Detail Window now respect the format chosen on options panel.
- Removed pet icons on Player Detail Window.
- Fixed some wrong textures on spec icons.
- Improvements on all skins for the Player Detail Window.

- New skin for report window: