08-07-15 10:08 AM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Added an option for lock micro displays. When locked they don't interact with mouse or stay on top of menus.
- Fixed ticket #49: death display not working correctly with sort direction bottom-to-top.
- Fixed ticket #47: Title bar font resets with UI reload / relog.
- Fixed ticket #46: Icon select panel wasn't opening.
- Fixed ticket #45: Windwalker icon for Mistweaver monks.
- Fixed an issue with death display where the text wasn't updating their width correctly.
- Fixed an issue with energy and miscellaneous displays type not working correctly with bar animations.
- Fixed an issue while loading old profiles wans't updating their values for newer versions of the addon.
- Fixed an issue with bookmarks panel not opening correctly.
- Fixed title bar text changing its font after logon.
- Fixed issue with vehicles exchanging ownership, e.g. Soulbound Constructor on HFC raid.