08-19-15 04:01 PM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Added '/details wipe' slash command.
- Added 'spinal healing injector' on custom display 'Health Potion & Stone'.
- Added an option to disable stretch button and bar highlight.
- Added the overheal made by pets on tooltip and player details window.
- Improvements on Weakauras creation from Encounter Details plugin.
- Disabling nicknames now also disable avatars.
- Fixed miscrodisplays font selection wasn't showing all fonts.
- Fixed report for custom display Crowd Control.
- Fixed role icons on custom displays.
- Fixed item level of timewarped items.
- Fixed title text width when auto-hide menu buttons is enabled.
- Fixed background alpha after stretching which wasn't correctly coming back to original color.
- Fixed an issue with dropdown boxes where wasn't showing all options.
- Fixed ticket #51: API Call 'GetCombat("overall")' wasn't returning the overall combat object.
- Fixed ticket #50: issue opening icon selection frame.

Weakauras integration: creating a DBM timer in the middle of the screen.