09-15-15 01:22 PM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Added a custom display for Crowd Control Received.
- Weak Aura Creator Tool, now has full support for BigWigs and Dbm time bars.
- Auras for interrupt and dispelling has been added on the Weak Aura Creator Tool.
- Details! Forge now has support for DBM and BigWigs time bars.
- Solo Plugins now has a close button on their panels.
- Fixed damage/healing score message after a boss kill.
- Now, an alert to open the history panel is shown after killing a boss.
- Added a 'all-displays' menu when right clicking title bar.
- Removed few texture from bookmarks panel, now it has a more clean appearance.
- Updated Details! Framework.
- Added option in order to change the bar orientation.
- Added an option to make the menus on title bar work with clicks instead of hovering over them.
- Healing for battleground enemies is now placed on healing done instead of enemy healing done.
- Improvements on our support for Arena battles.
- Fixed some issues on the Player Detail Window.
- Fixed encounter time on title bar text.
- Fixed death display tooltip, wasn't respecting the font and size set on options panel.

New Arena support on Chart Viewer:

New 'All-in-One' display menu accessed by clicking with right mouse button at the title bar.