1.3 was a rewrite of about 80% of the mod.

Good News:
  • You can do everything in game. No more needing a text editor or GS-myMacros or LUA errors.
  • You can now import a Sequence via a copy/paste
  • The realtime parser didnt work as well as it should have in 1.2 Its now off by default but you can still turn it on. It is scheduled for a lot of work in the next version.
  • The entire storage side has been rewritten to allow for multiple versions of a macro. No more LiveTest. When you log out it will keep the latest version.
  • More language updates. Also a sample of how to create errata for words that are not updating has been added to the source of GS-myMacros
  • A ton of bug fixes

The preview Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZxXCb0CBXk

In order to make this work, I had to change the way that Sequences were loaded. THe good part is that you can now tell where a macro came from. There is now a Source and AuthorVersion tag in the header so you can see where something came from. The downside is that if you used to maintain a single Sequences.lua file in GS-Core, this file will no longer load. What you can do though is copy every sequence and import them as one hit!. The macros are saved in the c:\path\to\World of Warcraft\WTF\AccountName\SavedVariables\GS-Core.lua This file will only be written when WOW completely closes. There should be almost no reason to edit this file.

The last minute change that missed the video is that where there used to be radio buttons for class and spec there is a a dropdown. If something imports with no or the wrong spec you can change it.