Whew! Lots of updated AddOns. Some of the changes are very significant.

* Netherwing Eggs now has over 100 uniquely identified and documented spawn locations. A new "Chat Link" feature was also added. There is also the option to see map coordinates within the Tooltips. Language localisation of the non-description parts of NE was finally completed.

* Rare Love is an exciting new AddOn. It allows you, with one macro button press, to target all the known critters and NPCs required for all manner of "/love" and "kill" achievements. From Vanilla right through to the end of MoP! All other rare elites are included, along with special ones such as Lil Timmy!

* Sunrise Sunset is another new AddOn. It addresses the concerns of many players with regards to sunrise and sunset no longer matching their (local) server time. The AddOn tells you the sunrise and sunset times from the point of view of your (local) server time. It also tells you the hidden "Central Server Time" Blizzard uses as its time standard across all servers. No excuses for missing a performance by the ETC in the Grim Guzzler!

* Adorable Hatchling Nests has also had a major update to keep its features in step with Netherwing Eggs. It too can now link coordinates into a chat frame. Essential for sharing with friends and guild mates!

* Some other of my AddOns have had recent updates. Did I mention Easter Eggs?