More AddOns!

Last time I went all out geek with Fibonacci but this time around I am pleased to upload:

Dark Soil, a great aid for rapid farming of the various The Tillers friendships.

Co Do Batter, continues my fishing themed AddOns with a predictably "punny" title! This AddOn is for those of you farming the The Limnologist and The Oceanographer achievements.

Enumerate is one of my private AddOns I use all the time when developing a new AddOn idea. It is the sort of thing an author would use as a "base" upon which to build a more personal or bespoke means to enumerate in-game frames.

So many of my other AddOns have had updates, some quite major. Rather than list them all I simply refer you to my author page at My AddOns for your browsing convenience.

I should also plug a MAJOR update to my Tip AddOn. It is just not quite ready for uploading. Stay tuned!