10-14-10 09:14 PM by: Mikord
MSBT 5.5.79 is now available for Patch 4.0.1.

What's new?

The main changes are updates to support some of the new elements including holy power and soul shards, removal of skills that no longer exist, and updates to skill IDs that have changed.

Also, be aware that Blizzard has removed the ability to play the .wav file format in the latest version and instead added the capability to play .ogg files. The game still supports .mp3 files. MSBT has been updated accordingly to remove the ability to add .wav files and allow .ogg files to be added. If your custom sounds aren't playing, they are most likely .wav files.


  • Updated for Patch 4.0.1 / Cataclysm Pre-launch:
    • Updated supported power types to include soul shards and holy power.
    • Modified power change detection logic to use new event.
    • Removed soul shard created notification since it is now considered a power gain.
    • Removed "hyper regen" option since there are no longer any skills that utilize it.
    • Removed the following triggers since they no longer apply: Frostbite
    • Modified several skill IDs to reflect their new values.
    • Removed .wav files from the supported sound formats in the custom media sound dialog since WoW no longer supports playing .wav files.
    • Added support for .ogg files to the custom media sound dialog.