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    10-24-06 09:18 AM by: Tierdar
    Tierdar's Healing Package 2.0
    By: Tierdar of Kul Tiras (For the Horde!)

    Here is the list of addons with brief descriptions:
    Deuce Commander Available options for addons are denoted with a **.
    Those with minimap Options are listed with a //

    !Clearfont - Adds various fonts to WoW

    Ace - General database

    AceGUI - Adds frames

    **Bigwigs (Including Nefarian addon) - Simple to use and extremely well done replacement for CTRA_Bossmod

    Bongos (Including ActionBar, MapBar, Options) - Adds a freedom of movement and content to the bar frames. /bob opens the options.

    **BugSack (Including !BugGrabber) - Error reporting addon

    **Cartographer - Map replacement that includes Coordinates along with zone suggestions for various instances
    Clique - Found in your spell book, this addon provides the ablility to cast a spell or use a talent via clicks or a series of events such

    as alt. right click.

    **ClosetGnome - Itemrack replacement. Very easy to use and low memory usage.

    **Deuce Commander - Hands down the backbone of this package. Just about every addon can be accessed and modified via this button.

    ElkBuffBar - Great buff and debuff frames that include naming and timers. (/ebb)

    **FreeRefills - Allows for a user defined item to be auto refilled such as reagents or drinks when you visit a vendor that supplies them.

    **FuBar (Including BagFu, ClockFu, DurabilityFu, GroupFu, LocationsFu, MailFu, QuestFu, PerformanceFu, TopScoreFu) - Titan panel

    replacement with various addons included.

    **Gmail - Mailbox mod that allows for the mass sending of items to one person as well as opening selected or all messages in your mailbox.

    //GuildEventManager - This addon is optional to users. Dark Pact uses this to create and schedule raids for the upcoming days and weeks

    where members can sign up.

    **HealOrganizer - Allows for the assignment of healers to various members of a raid such as MTs. Available via Deuce Commander drop down


    //HealSync(Requires IFrameManager) - Allows healers to view who else is healing the same target they are to avoid overheals. (Still


    **InFlight - Shows a timer bar of your flights to various places, also allows Auto Dismount and Flight path confirmation.

    **KC_Items - Auctioneer and Lootlink replacement. It is recommended that you download KC_ItemFu if you are having problems configuring this

    addon via the slash commands. (Somewhat broken yet)

    KLH Threatmeter - A frame that lists the current threat by the person, party or raid on a seletect target.

    **Mendeleev - Lists the usage, faction and drop location of all items in game.

    **MobHealth - This addon attempts to place the actual HP of a mob in the Target frame. While not 100% correct it is extremely close.

    MobInfo - Displays mob related info on your tool tip including times killed and loot dropped.

    **Mr. Plow - This mod automatically sorts your bags and bank once selected. It can also be used to stack items in your bags to the bank if

    you already have the item inside.

    **oCB - Casting Bar Replacement.

    **oCD - Cool down timer for various spells and talents.

    **OneBag/OneBank - Combines all bag/bank slots into on window for ease of use.

    **oRA2 - CTRA Replacement. Very useful and customizable. NOTE: This addon does not include the raid party frames.

    **Perfect Raid - Hands down the best raid party frame I have ever used. Very easy to use and configure. (Not installed yet)

    //Perl Classic Unit Frames - Unit Frame Replacement for Blizzard's Default on Player, Party, Pet, Target and ToT.

    PinPoint - Gatherer replacement. NOTE: This addon is in the beta phase and currently does not properly track herbs and ore findings on the

    minimap or world map. I keep this addon included because it still collects the nodes so once this is fully functional the nodes should

    transfer along with it. (Not Installed yet)

    **Sacred Buff - Replacement for the now abandoned Serenity Mod.

    **SCT- Scrolling Combat Text

    **SimpleCombatLog - Simplifies your combat window by shortening up the text i.e. You Hit Target 299.

    **TinyTip(Including Extras, Options and Fubar Plugin) - Allows tooltips that stay on your mouse cursor an includes various tips such as mob

    name, lvl, guild names etc.

    **Xloot - A replacement frame for the default loot frame. This addon will show all loot on one frame instead of having to scroll to see it

    all. It also allows the loot frame to sticky to your mouse pointer.

    Now for the /slash commands:

    Bongos - total bar replacement (/bongos)
    Clique is avaiable via your spell book, last tab.
    KC_Items - /KCI
    ElkBuffBar - buff/debuff replacement (/ebb)
    oCD - displays spell and item cooldowns in bar form (/ocd)
    sct - scrolling combat text (/sct menu)
    SimpleCombatLog - shortens the combat log spam (/scl show 2

    Any addition questions about this addon should be directed to my portal at WoWInterface or my FAQ section at wowinterface.

    FAQ: http://www.wowinterface.com/portal_admin.php?id=185&a=editfaq&faqid=203

    Portal: http://www.wowinterface.com/portal.php?&uid=437

    Future Plans:

    Reinstalling Perfect Raid once it is running
    Reinstalling a Heal Monitor of sorts once I can find a decent working one.
    Including a WTF Folder to hopefully have everything set up out of the box for this addon package.