Account is currently down as I'm a poor bastard for Xmas. In the meantime, I've been tweaking and fixing current/potential issues with my addons since I left. I plan to have a lot of updates released in in the relatively near future, including but not limited to:

DuctTape: performance is inconsistent, hoping to get working 100% of the time
CFM: have a fix to test resolving Blizz frames resetting when entering an instance - DONE!
CombatNames: slight code rewrite, possible incorporation with new project PvPNames if the author is interested
AutoNo: slight code rewrite, no fix yet for double posting with other chat mods - DONE!
MageTaxi: it seems thor has opted out of updating this. a complete rewrite is coming nixing the XML portions, so don't expect anything immediate. thx for the notice, thor! (read: lack thereof)
Kicker: working fine last I heard. nothing to fix, looking into cross-realm group support
InviteHim!: not working the way it's supposed to, but not high on priority
CART: get to this when I get my existing projects working the way they're supposed to