03-25-06 04:38 AM by: Elkano
I've uploaded two updates for addons of mine: bags and merchants 1.2a and ItemDB 1.0f
"bags and merchants" is an addon that will open/close all your bags in situations where I think it makes sense: vendors, bank, mail, trades, auktion house
changes for bags and merchant 1.2a
Version 1.2a - 2006/03/24
- fixed the line 9 bug :/ (lua uses different comment syntax ^^' )

Version 1.2 - 2006/03/24
- updated TOC to 10900
- added NUM_CONTAINER_FRAMES = 11 in order to open *all* bags
- backpack will now also close even if it was open before
changes for ItemDB 1.0f
2006/03/25 - 1.0f
- warning popup should now also show when dead
- added traditonal chinese (zhCN) lcalization; thx to q09q09 @ curse-gaming
- change: /itemdb leave will now part DistChat for the whole session; /itemdb hop has the old behaviour of /itemdb leave