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RuneWatch v1.0.2 Stable

Firstly I'll explain the naming change. Unfortunately I've been swayed to a different SVN service than the WoWI one. WoWI's SVN is nice, but the one i'm using now is nicer, by a lot! The version number change comes from the new build process on the new service.

  • Added Rune-Order Switching & Configuration
  • Added Runic Power Bar Configuration Options

HitsBroker v1.0.0 Stable

HitsBroker is a LibDataBroker-1.1 Data Exporter. It's job is to collect information about your hits/misses/crits and exports it through LDB to a generic interface.

To use HitsBroker you must install a LDB-Based Display Addon like Fortress.

  • Tracks your hits / misses / crits
  • Displays a nice percentage of each category
  • Uses a MVC Arcitecture (LibDataBroker-1.1)