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09-10-08 04:32 AM by: Voorije
RuneWatch 1.1.x

Some of you may have been wondering why I've started releasing v1.1.x with very minimal changes to RuneWatch.

This is not the case. There is a substantial change to the complete design of RuneWatch that will allow for the features I have planned to be made. I'm still waiting on some Artwork from Elderige and fleshing out the details of the next step, but I felt that people should get used to the new config & frame.

RuneWatch & X-Perl

I've recieved a number of messages / bug reports about a conflict between X-Perl and RuneWatch. After a lot of inspection into X-Perl I've identified the problem and worked in a fix in v1.1.2 Beta.

Those people who went back to 1.0.2 Stable can now upgrade to 1.1.2 Beta and continue to use X-Perl