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11-25-08 04:30 PM by: Voorije
It has come to my attention that RuneWatch is currently suffering in functionality due to the lack of localization. I was originally delaying localization support till a further version for I believed it to be an issue only affecting the usability of the configuration.

It has become apparent that the locale of your client can effect the functionality of some components of the mod and it is my wish to see all users from all locales happy with my mod.

I am currently looking for some people to aid with the (at least simple) localization of my mod. This can be as little as getting spell names and a couple key words.

The following locales are in need of some help:

- esMX - Spanish
- frFR - French
- deDE - German
- ruRU - Russian

If you believe you're able to help me with this I would be greatly appreciative and will mention you in the localization credits.